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JavaScript event attributes generate a W3C Validation error with XHTML

When validating you XHTML document against an XHTML DTD, are you finding that the JavaScript event attributes generate a W3C Validation error? The answer is likely very simple. XHTML expects all tag names and attributes to be in lowercase. Most examples you are likely to find on the Internet will show the HTML version of [...]

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Valid e-mail regular expression (regex)

Looking for a very good way to test for a valid e-mail? This regular expression (regex) covers 99.99% of all e-mail addresses that you are likely to encounter. I have yet to see a provider who allows the full RFC 2822 character set for e-mail addresses. I highly doubt that you will ever encounter one [...]

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Speed up output of MySQL driven PHP scripts

If you are pulling a fair amount of data into your PHP script from a MySQL database and dumping the information to the screen and there is a noticeable delay when rendering the web page, then you might want to give this a try. The first thing that we want to do is to disable [...]

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Reveal the contents of password fields on web pages

To reveal the contents of password fields on web pages, you can use this simple JavaScript code that you paste into the web browsers address box and it will pop up a system dialog box with the contents of the password field. You can use this if you forgot the password for a site and [...]

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